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Kuhli Loach taken by AJC1 (Flikr) The Kuhli Loach (Pangio kuhlii) belongs to the Cobitidae family.They are also known as the Coolie Loach, the Leopard Loach or the Cinnamon Loach. This Loach has an eel body shape and they are scavengers making them great aquarium cleaners. The advantage of this Loach over others is its size Kuhli Loach Lifespan. The average Kuhli Loach lifespan is around 10 years. This is rather impressive and means that if you take good care of them, they'll be around for quite a while! Just like any fish, the lifespan of your Kuhli Loach can change significantly based on how they are treated The kuhli loach is one of the more peaceful freshwater fish and makes an excellent addition to any community aquarium. It is a peaceful fish with a shy temperament and will get along with similarly-behaved tank mates. Other docile fish will encourage the loaches to be more active, though they will never be overly energetic


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  1. While not every aquarium owner is sure about their kuhli loach, this question has been up for debate to this day. To help you find a better answer, I went back to a 2010 survey about kuhli loaches eating snails. The results might give you a better idea. This is the response from the survey Does your kuhli loach eat snails
  2. Hade Kuhli-ålar i ett tidiagre akvarium för många år sedan. Nyköpta, men visste då inte om det där med deras rymningsbenägenhet. Förrens 2 dagar senare, då det låg en liten tunn ihoptorkad ål på golvet under akvariet efter natten. Den hade lyckats att krypa ut. Den andra som jag hade köpt hade vett nog att stanna kvar !
  3. Pangio semicincta (FRASER-BRUNNER, 1940) 'Kuhli' Loach SynonymsTop ↑. Acanthophthalmus semicinctus Fraser-Brunner, 1940; Acanthophthalmus kuhlii sumatranus Fraser-Brunner, 1940. Etymology. semicincta: from the Latin semi, meaning 'half', and cinctus, meaning 'belt, girdle', reference to the colour pattern of this species.. Classification. Order: Cypriniformes Family: Cobitida
  4. Summary. Scientific Name: Pangio kuhlii (Valenciennes, 1846) Common name: Kuhli Loach, Coolie Loach, Leapord Eel, Prickly Eye. Synonyms: Acanthophthalmus kuhlii, Cobitis kuhlii Distribution: Indonesia Sexual Dimorphism: Females noticeably plumper when loaded with eggs like other Pangio species. Maximum size: 4 inches Similar to: Easily confused with other striped kuhlis
  5. The kuhli loach is an active bottom feeder and an excellent addition to freshwater tanks to help keep them clean. It likes to hide during daylight hours, but once the sun goes down, it will come out to feed and become very active. Peaceful and shy, they can fit in well in a tank community, just be careful not to put them with bigger fish that.

The Kuhli loach (Pangio kuhlii) was previously known as Acanthophthalmus kuhlii and was first described by Achille Valenciennes in 1846. Today, Kuhli loaches are found in Southeast Asia, Singapore, Sumatra, Western Malaysia, Borneo, Thailand, and Java. The species is not currently listed or evaluated on the IUCN Red List of Endangered Species Kuhli Loach is a peaceful and non-aggressive fish. They are best to keep with other non-aggressive, small mates, such as neon tetra, ember tetra, rasboras, celestial pearl danio, zebra tetra, platyfish, Gouramis, etc. Tetras being middle dwellers that dip down to the bottom level of the tank, make them an excellent tank mate for our bottom-dweller Kuhli Loach Kuhli Loaches Overview. Kuhli Loaches are freshwater fishes originated from the Malay Peninsula and Indonesia. Kuhli Loach is known by many names such as Leopard Loach, Coolie Loach, Pangio kuhlii, and Cinnamon Loach.These fishes are scavengers who do all their work at night and are not that active during the day Kuhli Loach Complete Guide - 2021 [ Updated ] FISHKEEPING SEEKER. Welcome to Fishkeeping Seeker. We are very happy to see you here and as a part of our community. Fishkeeping Seeker is created by professional of Fish Keeping

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Kuhli Loach - Ultimate Care Guide. June 5, 2020 freshwatercentral Species Overview 0. The Kuhli Loach is a great addition to any freshwater tank. These unique fish act as night owls, and are primarily active throughout the evening. Kuhli Loach fish are known for their peace-loving personality and serve as excellent cleaner fish Kuhli Loach 101: Care, Size, Diet, Lifespan, And More! May 15, 2020 March 1, 2020 by Michele Taylor. The kuhli loach is a tranquil, shy fish that you will find dwelling along the bottom of the tank. Because of their amicable temperament, this species makes a wonderful companion fish in your freshwater aquarium Let's talk about the kuhli loach, a fun oddball fish that's easy to care for and easy on the wallet. SUBSCRIBE so you won't miss my latest video: https://w.. Hitta perfekta Kuhli Loach bilder och redaktionellt nyhetsbildmaterial hos Getty Images. Välj mellan premium Kuhli Loach av högsta kvalitet Kuhli Loach (The Black) There is a famous variant of this fish that many tank proprietors want. The identity for this is the black Kuhli Loach. This variant is particularly a lot the equal in phrases of dimension and conduct as the everyday kind, however, there's one huge difference. The black Kuhli Loach has a specific colour

Kuhli Loaches are a peaceful fish and relatively hardy, and can adapt to a variety of water parameters, and prefer to be kept in schools of 3 or more. Because of its beauty and its tank cleaning abilities, they have become quite popular in the aquarium hobby. The kuhli loach is shaped like an eel with slightly narrowed sides, you will see four. Kuhli Loach Care. Kuhli Loach is a very easygoing fish species. They do not require much care and attention and, survive easily in captivity. Tank. The tank itself requires a bit of preparation before it receives a Kuhli loach. The tank should hold at least 5 gallons of water Kuhli Loach Facts. Kuhli Loaches, sometimes referred to as Coolie Loach or Leopard Loach, are known for their unique eel-like body shape.They are also known as cleaning fish, as they love to dwell at the bottom of the tank to look for leftover food

Kuhli Loach (A.D. Castro) Esperienze di allevamento e riproduzione di questo simpatico serpentello, con descrizione delle altre specie di Pangio, per meglio distinguerli quando si comprano: anche se molto simili e difficilmente distinguibili, non tutti hanno le stesse esigenze, in primis per la temperatura. Traduzione dell'articolo: Kuhli. After months I have finally gotten my long-awaited kuhli loaches! There were only four available but I do plan to get at least two more once they come in.. Kuhli Loach - Care, Feeding, Tank Mates & Details! Kuhli Loach is an amazing and unusual fish from the loach family, which attracts aquarists with its special and incomparable beauty. These loaches are also known as Pangio Kuhli, Leopard Loach, Coolie Loach, etc. The species was first described in 1846 by Valencia And the Kuhli loach is no different. They even love to devour the smaller fish. Hence, eating small snails is not a big deal for them. There was a survey conducted in 2010 on whether Kuhli loach eats snails. Among the respondent aquarists, 67% of them voted on; they had heard that Kuhli loach eats snail but they had not seen it Kuhli loach tank mates. You may put some fishes on your tank where kuhli loach inside. But you have to put the kuhli loaches because they feel more comfortable in a group of 4-5 or more fishes. If there are more species in the tank, they are shy fish and only come out at night

Kuhli Loach - Feeding, Breeding and Tankmates information Overview of Kuhli Loaches. Kuhli Loach is a fish with a look of an eel. Referred to as the Acanthophthalmus kuhli by the... Feeding. You can feed your loaches anything, and they will be happy to eat them. These fish do not move up, so it. Kuhli Loach - A Comple Species Profile, Care and Guide Species Origin:. Kuhli loach, coolie loach, khuli loach, cinnamon loach, the prickly eye that originates from Southeast... Lifespan:. In nature, Kuhli loach lives from 10 to 14 years. In your tank, their life span depends upon how well they....

The kuhli loach is a small fish that resembles an eel, usually with stripes. It lives in fresh water, and prefers a tropical climate. It's also popular as an aquarium fish. The scientific name for the kuhli loach is pangio kuhli or acanthophthalmus kuhli — it is also known as a coolie loach, leopard loach or prickly eye Kuhli Loaches are largely nocturnal. They are shy fish that like to hide among driftwood, rocks, caves, and plants. They are peaceful fish that get along with other peaceful community fish. Even though the Kuhli Loach is a scavenger, it is mainly carnivorous. They prefer freeze-dried bloodworms, tubifex, along with frozen and live foods of all. Kuhli Loach. This is an active and fascinating fish species that will be in constant motion and actively scurry around your aquarium. The Kuhli loach grows to lengths of 7.8-12 cm and lives for ten years on average though it can sometimes live longer than this with optimal care Also Known As: Kuhli Loach, Khuli Loach, Prickly Eye Adult Size: 4 inches (12 cm) Lifespan: 10 years Minimum Tank Size: 15 gallon pH: 6.0-6.5 Hardness: 1-10 dGH (5 dGH is preferred) Temperature: 75-86 Fahrenheit (24-30 Celsius) Tankmates: Keep in schools with small peaceful fish. Kuhlis are more active at night

This Kuhli is very similar to the common Black Kuhli Loach, however, instead of black, it is a light orange to pink beige in color. This kuhli is often mistaken as an albino or leucistic color morph. It reaches 2 inches or 5cm in length, and is endemic to Pahang basin and Terengganu in Malaysia. Pangio kuhli, aka the Kuhli Loach Kuhli Loach Forum. Fish Forum - Kuhli Loach Profile, aka Coolie Loach. Sticky; Kuhli Loach Photos. Mike Jun 3, 2007. Replies 46 Views 15K. Feb 27, 2021 Frisbee Sticky; Kuhli Loach Care Guide. Blub Jul 29, 2008. Replies 0 Views 48. Jul 29, 2008 Blub Unanswered thread; Preventing escapes? hawaiifresh Yesterday at 1:46 AM Kuhli loach? I recently bought some little kuhli loaches. When bought, the guy at the store gave me some large pellets called, Nutrafin Spirulina Algae Tablets These tablets are fairly large considering the size of the fish Kuhli Loach: 12 ships destroyed and 24 ships lost. ISK: 82.42m: 529,354: 113.37m: 481,057: 42.1: 79,857; Ships: 12: 49,821: 22: 12,878: 35.3: 79,85 Kuhli loach can be socialized with almost any fish that is not exactly after them. Since they are rather reserved comrades with very small snouts, who only eat very small live food (including very tiny fish larvae) up to the size of mosquito larvae, shrimp and snails live rather undisturbed, only the shrimp offspring could stagnate somewhat

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Black Kuhli Loach Habitat. This freshwater tropical fish is native to the waters of Indonesia, Malaysia and Java. In the wild, black kuhli... Diet. In the wild, the black kuhli loach is a scavenger and sustains itself on plant matter, other fish and virtually... Tank Considerations. Like the clown. This Kuhli Loach has an eel body shape, and they are scavengers making them great aquarium cleaners. The advantage of this Loach over others is its size. It rarely grows over 3-5 inches in length, and they don't create much waste. Some interesting facts about this fish from Fish Keeping World Interesting Facts about Kuhli Loach Before spawning, the green ovaries of Kuhli Loach can be seen through their skin. They are known to play dead by lying on their side. They are known for forecasting weather since they can sense changes in atmospheric pressure which they react to by.. Kuhli Loach | Profile | Information | Care | Pictures. Scientific Name: Pangio Kuhli Common Name: Kuhli Loach Colour: Pinkish - yellow Life Span: 10 years Size: 3.5 inches Diet: Omnivorous Tank Size: 20 gallons Tank water: Freshwater Temperature: 73-86°F pH: 3.0-4.0 pH Temperament: Peaceful Also Know About Bumblebee Catfish care, Size, Diet, LifeSpan.. Kuhli Loach Habita Foto handla om Kuhli loach pangio kuhli-vatten. Bild av askfat, angus, sikt - 19500436

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4. Kuhli Loach Food. The Kuhli Loach is not a very picky eater at all, so you can give it pretty much anything. These fish thrive on a diet of live food, including Bloodworms, the Grindal Worm, and Artemia. You can also give them fish flakes or pellets. If you decide on the latter option, make sure that it has the proper formula Kuhli Loach Small Eel like fish which are not very commonly used as a bottom dweller fish in the hobby, at the same time it has also created a curiosity among the hobbyist what is it to own these small eel like fish and in this post, we have answered the most asked 12 questions about Kuhli loach fis

Kuhli Loach Tank Size and Conditions. The aquarium size that is recommended for this species is a 20-gallon tank as this will give them lots of room to explore, swim, and hide. They prefer to have sand as the base of your tank, but if this is not possible smooth pebbles will do the trick as well Black Kuhli Loaches are extremely peaceful and live best in a community aquarium with fish of the same disposition. They thrive best in tanks with moving water. Find Black Kuhli loaches for sale at your local PetSmart store! Price may vary by location

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  1. 1.5k members in the loaches community. Doesn't matter if you have clowns in a community tank or some dojos in a pond - all loach owners welcome!
  2. Kuhli Loach Behavior. Kuhli Loaches often like to squeeze themselves into tight spaces to hide. ADVERTISEMENT. But they aren't always loners — they're also quite social and do best in groups of 4-6, and a group of a dozen will do very well if enough space is available
  3. Kuhli loach is a special kind of small freshwater fish, which is famous for its long lifetime, easy feeding, and amazing look.. You will feel so happy and busy if you let this fish live with you because it can't live alone, it must be with a small group of the same species, so you will never feel alone and so as the fish too
  4. Acanthophtalmus kuhli (Valenciennes, 1846) [5] Cobitis kuhlii Valenciennes, 1846 [3] Acanthophthalmus fasciatus van Hasselt, 1823 [3] Acantophthalmus fasciatus van Hasselt, 1823 [3] Hitta fler artiklar om djur med . Djurportalen. Kuhliiål, Pangio kuhlii, [1] är en långsmal fiskart som först beskrevs av Valenciennes, 1846
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AF-Kuhli-Loach-Fish: Brand: PetWave: Fish. By: Tanya. on . 6 November 2018. One of them died, but i put it in a community tank and i dont think it was suitable, so my mistake, i ordered 30 fish and all the others were healthy and alive (5) Write a product review. We Also Recommend. Popular. New Download this stock image: Kuhli Loach, pangio kuhli - X7PH3C from Alamy's library of millions of high resolution stock photos, illustrations and vectors Other articles where Kuhli loach is discussed: loach: vertical black bands, and the kuhli loach (Pangio kuhlii), a pinkish, eel-like species about 8 centimetres long, marked with many vertical black bands. Other loaches include the stone (Nemachilus barbatula) and spined loaches, both mottled, yellow and brown fishes about 13 centimetres long found in Europe and northern Asia A longtime hobby favorite, the Kuhlii Loach is deservedly popular due to its unusual eel-like shape and active, social nature. In the wild, they are found in a wide range of habitats, from peat swamps to shallow stretches of large river and can be found in Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia. In the wild, they usually inhabit soft, slightly acidic water with a fine sand or mud substrate and in. The Kuhli loach is a bottom-dweller and hides among the leaves and aquatic vegetation on or near the bottom of the tank. They are scavengers. In the wild, Kuhli loaches are scavengers and will eat just about any food that falls on the substrate. They have a hobby. The Kuhli loach will spend most of its time probing the substrate for food

Banded / Striped Kuhli Loach Live Tropical Freshwater Aquarium Fish Tank Loaches. $64.99. Free shipping. 10 +1 Ultra Blue Dream - Freshwater Neocaridina Aquarium Shrimp. Live Guarantee. $33.00. Free shipping (Pack of 4) Kuhli Loach (Pangio kuhli) 1.5 Live Tropical Aquarium Fish Hur ska jag säga kuhli loach i Engelska? Uttal av kuhli loach med 2 ljud uttal, 1 innebörd, 1 översättning, och mer för kuhli loach The best Kuhli Loach food is going to be a combination of live food, prepared foods, and vegetables. Like with all fish, it's important to make sure that you're feeding your Khulis the best quality fish food. Many companies produce high-grain content foods - and these should never be your choice for any fish Kuhli Loach Common or Regular. SKU 2094-3973 Category Loach, Botia & Garra Aquarium Fish Tags Canthophthalmus javanicus, Pangio kuhlii $ 3.99 - $ 5.77. Choose Species: Clear: Quantity Bulk Purchase Pricing; 12 - 23 $ 0.40 Discount Per Item: 24 or more $ 0.60 Discount Per Item: Kuhli. Keep kuhli loach in a tropical freshwater aquarium, preferably one with sand or finely-grained gravel substrate. The fish prefer water with a ph between 5.5 and 6.5 but will tolerate up to 7.0. Add soft water in your kuhli loach tank with a hardness of 5.0 dGH and a temperature range of 75°F to 86°F

Kuhli Loach (State Protectorate) lost their Merlin in Sujarento (The Citadel). Final Blow by Klark Valor (Cuirassiers of Galente) flying in a Atron. Total Value: 2,474,944.33 IS P. sumatuanus (also known as the Sumatra Kuhli) has fewer and darker bands than Pangio kuhlii. Sporting even wider bands is the Pangio kuhlii myersi. Although Pangio kuhlii remains the most popular and readily available of the coolie loaches, it is not unusual to purchase an incorrectly named loach Kuhli Loach Appearance. Kuhli loaches are most often caught in the tropical fresh waters of Indonesia, Malaysia, Java, and nearby areas. They are one of several captivity-friendly types of loaches, and are usually striped in varying widths of black against orange or pink undersides

Breeding the Kuhli Loach. To say that the Kuhli loach does not breed in the aquarium as some profiles state is not strictly true, what is correct is that breeding programs are rarely successful and more times than not the loach breeds of its own accord without the keeper realising Kuhli Loach. Kuhli Loach. The Kuhli Loach originated in Asia. It is also called the Coolie Loach, the Leopard Eel and the Striped Loach. It is known by the scientific names Acanthophthalmus kuhli and Pangio kuhlii. Kuhli Loaches have long slender worm-like bodies with dark bands over an orange base color. They have several barbels at their mouth

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Kuhli loaches are unlikely to breed in the tank but if they do, the eggs are green in colour. Water should be around neutral pH, about 24-28C or 75-82F. These conditions are also ideal for a community tank of tropical fish. About small fishes, you can choose without taking into account the kuhli loach, they don't bother other fish Banded / Striped Kuhli Loach Live Tropical Freshwater Aquarium Fish Tank Loaches. $64.99. Free shipping. Seller 96.6% positive. Gold Honey Dwarf Gourami 1.5 Live Tropical Freshwater Aquarium Fish Tank Raised. $64.99. Free shipping. Seller 96.5% positive Pangio Pals: Kuhli Loach Keepers Worldwide has 1,455 members. Pangio Pals is a Facebook group dedicated to one of the most beloved fish in the aquarium hobby: Kuhli loaches. Share pictures/videos of your loaches, your loach tanks, and tips for keeping your Pangio pals happy and healthy

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  1. Kuhli Loach. By phoenixflames, 11 years ago on Tropical Fish. 3,693 3.7K. Kuhli Loach. I lost a fish!!!! I recently bought a Kuhli Loach and havent seen it since i put it into my aquarium, i know they are nocturnal but i have no idea were it could be, can anyone help me find him? ps: im thinking of getting 1 or 2 more today,...
  2. Kuhli Loach. Availability: In stock $4.95. Pangio kuhlii. Size: 4-6cm; Added To Cart Add to Cart. $4.95. Size: 4-6cm; Added To Cart Add to Cart. Description. Popular oddball, with its distinctive banded body and worm-like appearance. Gregarious, prefers to be kept in a group. Useful scavenger for planted.
  3. A unique and unusual looking loach in the family Cobitidae, the Neon or Golden Kuhli Loach is one of several similar elongated species found throughout parts of Southeast Asia. With its vibrant, almost iridescent pink coloration and active nature, they make a fascinating addition to an appropriately set up aquarium. In the wild these fish are found in large aggregations, and like most loaches.
  4. This tank has ten Kuhli Loaches lots of snails and plants and hiding spots. i forgot to feed them before I picked up the camera. I'll get an update next time
  5. Kuhli loach also known as coolie loach They can grow up to 8-11 cm / 3-5 inches. They are best kept in water parameters of Ph range 6.0 - 7.5, and temperatures of 24-29 °C / 75-85 °F. The Kuhli loach are bottom dwelling fish. They will berry themselves in gravel and basically hide any where they can get in to
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Kuhli Loach quantity Approx. 2.5 The body of the Dario Botia Loach is tan and black in color, and like other Botia loaches can be identified by their four pairs of barbels protruding from the mouth area The Black Kuhlii Loach (Pangio sp.) aka Java Loach is only one of over 100 species of loaches in the Cobitidae family. The Java Loach (Pangio oblonga) is also known to tropical fish keeping enthusiasts as the Black Kuhli Loach or unbanded loach, the Chocolate Kuhli Loach, Cinnamon Loach and Black Khliwaus.. The Java Loach (Pangio oblonga) was first discovered in 1846 Home / Loaches / Kuhli Loach. Kuhli Loach. Rated 5.00 out of 5 based on 4 customer ratings (4 customer reviews) $ 12.95 ea. Availability: 36 in stock. Is it Out of Stock? Add it to your Wishlist. Is it Out of Stock? Add it to your Wishlist. Kuhli Loach quantity. Add to cart. Allow order status to be sent to Facebook Messenger Kuhli loach is the common name of Pangio Kuhli (or Acanthophthalmus kuhli), an eel shaped fish native from Java and Borneo. It has been bred in some aquariums but sexual differences are not really clear, maybe female is a bit bigger, but surely she is recognizable when full of eggs, because of her overgrown abdomen

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The Kuhli Loach is eel shaped with salmon pink to yellow, with 10 to 15 dark brown to black vertical bars that circle the upper half of their bodies. Their bellies are creamy white in color. They have very small eyes in the black stripe area of their body which makes them hard to detect and a mouth with 3 sets of of barbels that makes them look like they have a mustache Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Kuhli Loach at the best online prices at eBay! Free shipping for many products Kuhli Loach Overview, Aquarium Setup & Water Conditions, Food, Tank Mates, Breeding & Care Guide: Kuhli Loach looks beautiful & will make your tank beautiful. They resemble eel & they can move around in the aquarium with snake like movement. A lot of people get scared of the fish because of their snake like appearance Kuhli loach Size. These fish can get up to about 4.7 inches (11.99 cm) though they are usually smaller in the aquarium. The kuhli loach has an advantage over most of the other loaches kept in aquariums, inasmuch as it never grows too large, growing around 8-11 cm (3-5 in) in length. Kuhli loach Tan How to say kuhli loach in English? Pronunciation of kuhli loach with 2 audio pronunciations, 1 meaning, 1 translation and more for kuhli loach

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Temperature: 74-86 Minimum Tank Size: 20-Gallons Pangio anguillaris is a loach closely related to the kuhli loach. The main difference is the slightly slimmer body and the golden sheen. The loaches can live up to 10 years, so even though they're tough to breed, you can have them around for a long time. In aquariums, they usually grow to about 3-4 long and can be kept in tanks as small as 20. The kuhli loach (Pangio kuhlii) is an interesting little oddball fish that is a great addition to your aquarium.They look like a little eel and scoot around the tank with this crazy snake-like movement. It's so snake-like that it actually creeps some people out Loaches Online represents the greatest international grouping of practical experience with Loaches to be found on the Internet. It also represents the greatest collection of images of loach species that you will find anywhere, thanks to the photographic skills and contributions from many members Scientific name : Pangio kuhlii Food : Kuhli Loach are omnivorous fish, eating larvae, small crustaceans and plant material found on the river bed. They usually sieve through mouthfuls of substrate in search of food. They don't actively hunt for food but instead are known as scavenger Tank Mates : </b> <b> Peaceful species like Tetras, Danios, and Rasboras do well with Kuhli Loaches and. Explore Kasia/flickr's photos on Flickr. Kasia/flickr has uploaded 1869 photos to Flickr

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wp.me/pieTR-5J We and our partners process personal data such as IP Address, Unique ID, browsing data for: Use precise geolocation data | Actively scan device characteristics for identification.. Some partners do not ask for your consent to process your data, instead, they rely on their legitimate business interest The Java loach (Pangio oblonga) is a species of tropical freshwater fish, an unbanded kuhli loach, native to the sandy streams of Southeast Asia.Its alternative common names include the black kuhli (loach), chocolate kuhli and cinnamon loach.It is common in the aquarium trade Home › Black Kuhli Loach - 8 pack Black Kuhli Loach - 8 pack. Regular price $24.00 Add to Cart Share Share on Hillstream Loach / Borneo Sucker - 2 pack. Regular price $20.00 Kuhli Loach - 10 pack. Regular price $24.00 Yoyo Loach (1.75) - 5 pack. Regular price $22. Coolie Loach The kuhli loach is an eel-shaped fish with slightly compressed sides, four pairs of barbels around the mouth, and very small fins. The dorsal fin starts behind the middle of the body, and the anal fin well behind this. The eyes are covered with a transparent skin

2-3 Kuhli Loach. Priced per fish Product information Manufacturer 8_aqu ASIN B078NFHYQH Customer Reviews: 3.9 out of 5 stars 73 ratings. 3.9 out of 5 stars Best Sellers Rank #122,247 in Pet Supplies (See Top 100 in Pet Supplies) #1,335 in Fish Food: Is Discontinued By Manufacturer N Kuhli Loach. The Kuhli Loach (Pangio kuhlii) is a small eel-like freshwater fish belonging to the loach family. They are a bottom-dwelling, brightly coloured fish that might hide under aquarium decorations in the bright lighting of an aquarium I have read that Kuhli loaches are very docile and mostly hide but do dart around at times. I also know they should have a bigger tank. I am trying to get to a happy medium, let my son keep the loach (will get 2 more if we keep it), not hurt the Betta and keep my guppy/mollies happy too Common Name: Kuhli Loach Scientific name: Pangio Kuhli Wild Origin: Malaysia Maximum Size: 5cm - 6cm, 1.95 inches - 2.35 inches. Kuhli Loach Care: Tank Parameters Required: pH - 5.0-8.0 gH - 3-8 kH - 1-3 TDS - 50-160 Temperature - 21-26C or 70-79F. Temperament: Non aggressive - Shrimp Safe Breeding: Difficult Difficulty: Eas My 29 Gallon Kuhli Loach Tank. July 7, 2017 July 17, 2017 Tristan Leave a comment. This post covers a lot of useful information. Please read carefully and take notes. There will be a quiz. It probably is a good idea to talk about an actual aquarium, so here is my 29 gallon bowfront

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Striped kuhli loach 4.5cm; Striped kuhli loach 4.5cm. $4.95 Share Tweet Pin it. Striped kuhli loach 4.5cm. $4.95-+ Add to cart. Buy it now More payment options. Please Ensure that you have read the entire freight Information page and the FINAL NOTES at the bottom of the page. Related products. Sign Up For Our Newsletter. Sign up for our. Kuhli Loach Care book. Read reviews from world's largest community for readers. Kuhli Loach Care: The Complete Guide to Caring for and Keeping Kuhli Loac.. Pangio kuhlii (Kuhli) üremesi, beslenmesi, su değerleri ve davranışı ile ilgili bilgiler

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Chocolate Kuhli Loach can grow to nearly 4″ long and are delicate to mediocre water quality. They should just be brought into built-up aquariums; never in a recently set up tank. When built up, they are anything but difficult to think about and coexist well with their tank mates. Our Chocolate Kuhli Loaches are 2.5″ to 3″ sizes Click here to see several pictures. Comments: This is a Premium Pet Fish, and we never see Premium Fish like this in any of the live fish stores or in the online stores that we visit. Premium Pet Fish are more energetic, hardier, and have brighter colors with a beautiful metallic sheen. Click here to learn more about Premium Pet Fish. Origin: These Giant Kuhli Loaches are found in the Lower Mekon Buy Kuhli Loach. Loaches - Kuhli Loach. MakeMyHobby.com Review The kuhli loach is an eel-shaped fish, elongated with slightly compressed sides, and very small fins. The dorsal fin starts behind the middle of the body, and the anal fin well behind this. The eyes are covered with a transparent skin With a strongly patterned worm like body, Striped Kuhli Loach are very popular oddballs from South-East Asia. With a very peaceful nature, they are ideal for the community aquarium. They prefer to be kept in a group and grow to about 7-8cm

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BUY 2 GET 1 FREE! (Automatically applied) Kuhli Loach die-cut stickers/magnets/static clings. Stickers available in 2 sizes (select above) About Our Stickers: Durable, thick vinyl w/protective laminate Highly scratch resistant Weather proof Sunlight proof Dishwasher safe! About Our Magnets: Strong, yet flexible Great Svart kuhli (Pangio oblonga) är en fisk i familjen nissögefiskar som finns i Sydöstasien.Den förekommer även som akvariefisk. Arten kallas även svart kuhliål, och är nära släkt med den vanliga kuhliålen, som även den är en populär akvariefisk Kuhli Loach (aka Coolie) Tropical Fish Learn all about the Kuhli Loach (aka Coolie)'s feeding habits and food types, its behaviour, its origins, its natural habitats, is it male or female, breeding advice and information, suitable tank mates, its sizing and growth range, minimum tank size, water PH and more. Use our fish community creator tool to plan your tank set up and ensure that the Kuhli.

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corys having fun, kuhli loaches eating, betta being sillyBanded Kuhli loach watch and see what he does ! - YouTube
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